When considering a renovation project, the first question most people ask us is, "What will it cost?"

remodeling resourcesA quick answer--We often use as a handy dandy benchmark, a nationally published report provided by one of our trade resources: "REMOLDING" MAGAZINE, in which an annual report entitled "COST VS. VALUE REPORT" (view the 2007 edition [pdf]) will compare construction cost with resale value for the  29 most popular remodeling projects in 60 U.S. markets.

Many of our clients have used this information as a tool to get a quick snap-shot of overall costs. You may find this years annual report at and go to the Boston area for a free guide to mid-range and high-end descriptions of kitchen and Bath projects in Massachusetts.

Then we initiate Your Project Profile-- we then work with you to creat and in-depth profile your kitchen or bath project ideas. With that information we will then develop our budget worksheet which will proivde you with a detailed price range for your specific project. There are no charges for our services up to this point.  We feel that you cannot test drive a kitchen or bath project like a CAR--- So this in general is your test drive of Village and our approach to your kitchen or bath project.

Note that kitchen and bathroom additions tend to entail substantial modifications of exiting spaces. This usually skews the square foot costs.


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What is Design-Build Remodeling

Design - Build remodeling is becoming a much more common and sensible approach to the remodeling process. Essentially, Design - Build is a process whereby a homeowner works with one company through the entire remodeling process. This process includes three phases; the Budget & Design Specification Phase, the overall Estimate Phase and the Construction Phase.

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What are the Benefits of a Professional Design - Build Approach?

  • Increased communication and less opportunity for things to slip between the cracks.
  • Attention to all of the details - detailed design and detailed project worksheets.
  • Education as to the remodeling process, design & products.
  • Budget can be considered from the start and the design can be geared toward the budget.
  • You have a guide for the entire remodel process.
  • You get to know the team you will be working with at Village and develop a level of trust and confidence in our team approach.
  • Better service.
  • More time can be devoted to you and your project to determine the best possible in both design and product for your Kitchen or Bath.
  • Product selection is done prior to construction to minimize changes and cost increases.
  • Creates realistic expectations.
  • Guaranteed quality.
  • Doing the details before construction reduces the stress of the project & speeds up the process.
  • Projects can be designed that are feasible and cost effective.
  • Familiarity and expertise with the entire process.
  • Seamless transition between the phases.
  • The best value can be achieved.

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What is the goal of a Professional Design - Build Process?

Village Kitchen & Bath Remodeling is a design/build company specializing in taking clients from project inception to project completion.

In the Design and Budget phase, our goal is to spell out as many details as possible so that we obtain an accurate estimate. Without a detailed design, detailed product specification, and an accurate, detailed, written estimate, a remodeling dream can turn into a remodeling nightmare. A detailed, accurate estimate then leads to a smooth transition to the construction phase without a lot of unforeseen changes. By eliminating the potential for changes and doing the details ahead of time, actual project costs can be determined. Changes are very costly and designing projects and selecting products during the Construction phase is even more costly.

The Design - Build process saves you money in the long run. Creating a realistic budget and working towards the targeted budget is another very important goal in the Design & Product Specification phase. Designers, architects, draftsmen and other design personnel, may design projects without ever addressing the potential
costs. If costs are insufficiently addressed, it is unlikely that a financially realistic project will result. In far too many cases, designers, architects, draftsman and other design personnel are not familiar with construction costs, and in many more cases, they may not know how to build. Unfortunately, the budget is not considered and the project ends up costing more than the homeowner can afford. In addition, these design personnel are not typically trained in the entire remodel process. They may perform their design, and then leave the contractor and the homeowner to interpret potentially vague and inadequate plans. There is no
continuity to the entire process. Many important details may be missing.

Village Kitchen & Bath Remodeling's goal is to create a realistic budget from the beginning and then work towards meeting the budget. Our goal is to address ALL of the details, as best we can, ahead of time. We have designed and built hundreds of projects, and bring our expertise to you and your home. We look forward to working with you and providing you with the quality and smooth remodeling experience for which we are known on Cape Cod and The Islands. We will guide you through the entire process - a process that can be very frustrating for most homeowners should they choose the wrong approach.

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What is the Homeowner's Part in the Process?

In essence, the Design - Build process allows the homeowner to get what they want, not what the design or Contractor personnel wants, since the homeowner is thoroughly involved in the Design & Product Specification phase of their project.

It takes a good deal of our time and effort to design a project that is both very functional and aesthetically pleasing. We want to take that time with you. We are in the best position to guide and assist you in the Design and Product Specification phase. We also appreciate your effort in making the decisions required for your
project. We realize how much time and energy goes into moving through the process. Our goal is to ease the burden of this process through education, communication and professionalism.

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"I Don't Need Design - I'm Only Removing & Replacing - I Know What I Want - I Don't Need a Permit"

Frequently, many homeowners are under the impression that they don't need some of the important parts of the process, like a permit, design drawings, detailed product selection, or a detailed drawing. Unfortunately, these misconceptions can lead to trouble. Village Kitchen & Bath Remodeling recommends that a permit be
obtained for most remodeling work, since, by law, a permit is required for structural, plumbing, electrical and mechanical changes. Your local building department may require that detailed drawings be presented to them in order to obtain a permit. Your local building department may want to see these drawings and inspect the work to ensure that the work performed meets code requirements. In addition, these drawings help to ensure that the homeowner and the contractor have the same understanding of the project and assist in leading to detailed product selection and a detailed estimate.

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